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Five true things about Colleen Cowley

1. “Colleen Cowley” is not my normal, everyday name. It is a real name of sorts, though — my poor, neglected middle name plus an ancestor’s last name. (Don’t you think middle names deserve an opportunity to get out front sometimes?)

2. The first book I wrote, or at least the first I clearly remember writing, was about Robin Hood. I was nine. In my teens, I wrote a really awful high fantasy with a portal and many other clich├ęs. And then I took a novel-writing break that I thought would be permanent.

3. As much as I love The Hobbit, my favorite sort of fantasy is present-day. Because there’s such possibility in the idea that something magical could be happening right under your nose.

4. Regarding No. 3 — after I zipped through the first four Harry Potter books and waited impatiently for the fifth, I would occasionally dream I was at Hogwarts. (I was in my 20s.)

5. I live in a small home in a small state with my husband, daughter and alarm-clock cat.