The Opposite of Magic

Emily Daggett’s childhood dream of finding a wizard just came true—fifteen years late and in the entirely wrong way.

Alexander Hartgrave is a thirty-year-old IT worker instead of a proper silver-haired mage, and they dislike each other the minute they meet.

And OK, maybe he starts to grow on her—like mold, sarcastic and weirdly attractive mold—but he’s annoyingly resistant to the idea that he ought to be teaching her magic and ushering her on an adventure.

She’ll get one out of him if it’s the last thing she does.

That couldn’t go entirely wrong, could it?

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Praise for The Opposite of Magic

“It’s a fabulous read, full of a slow burn romance, spells, magic, battles and mystery.” — Amazon UK top reviewer Jeannie Zelos of Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

“I made the mistake of starting this late and found myself watching the sun rise because once started I didn’t want to stop. … The magical system and basic premise itself … isn’t quite like anything I’ve read. But the bottom line is that it’s just such a witty and fun book to read with lots of memorable turns of phrase, great sense of pace and a nicely twisty plot. ” — Goodreads top reviewer Harmonybites

“Mystery, fantasy, magic and romance … I cannot give enough praise for Cowley’s work and can’t help but wonder if maybe we could have another adventure with Daggett and Hartgrave?” — Bookworm Girl book blog

“The plot leaves the reader guessing. … The novel is incredibly engaging and intriguing.” — The Broken Bookshelf blog

“Cowley has an amazing talent of making us care about her protagonists. We want to believe in them, and we want to root for them.” — The Nightly Book Owl blog