Discussion questions for The Opposite of Magic

Discussing The Opposite of Magic? A few questions — with mild spoilers — to get you started:

1. What defines a hero? A villain? In which ways do characters in the novel shift between the two extremes?

2. Emily Daggett’s expectations — set by a childhood full of fantasy-adventure novels — get her into trouble. Has the influence of a book ever prompted you to do or not do something?

3. Alexander Hartgrave calls the humanities building basement “the Inferno.” In what other ways is he linked with hellish themes?

4. How do opposites play a role in the story?

5. Hartgrave withholds information. Is that ever a good idea? Are there some things you’d rather not know?

6. If you found out wizards were living among us, how would you suspect they were using magic to influence the world?