Radical (Clandestine Magic #2)

Women have no ability to cast spells. That’s what wizards have said for generations—and it’s a lie.

Beatrix Harper wants to expose it to protect her sister’s life. Her desperate plan: Train tens of thousands of women in secret, then shock the nation with a display of their magic.

She thinks it will work—if only she can keep the details from her town’s wizard, Peter Blackwell. But that’s nearly impossible thanks to their unwanted magical connection.

As their insidious Vows pull them ever closer, Peter is never more than a step behind her. He’s just as intent on stopping her as he is at finding a way to counter the terrible weapon he wishes he hadn’t invented.

What happens when two desperate plans collide?

Want to know content details about topics like violence, sex and tropes before you decide whether to read? Find that here. (Readers who want a heads up before reading a character’s discussion of past trauma should definitely look.)

Praise for Radical

“I flew through it and was left wanting more. … The Clandestine Magic books get me knotted up with tension and drag me in completely.” — Delighted Reader

“An edgy, unique and haunting tale.” — The Reading Cafe

“I felt like Radical taunted me, lulling me into believing I knew what was going to happen. … It also reinforced what I learned from reading Subversive: Cowley has an uncanny ability for writing endings, the rip your heart out kind.” — itsKoo Reviews

“Secrets, lies, and betrayal are abundant in the story, and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, Cowley stuns you with an unexpected and shocking twist. … I couldn’t put the book down, and I can’t wait for the final book in the trilogy!” — One Book More

“The middle book in a trilogy often disappoints, and that was definitely not the case with Radical. I think it’s even better than Subversive.” — Ani Reads

“The discoveries made, the secrets revealed, the implication of the vows and of using magic, there is just so much packed into these pages. … I hugely recommend giving the series a try.” — Life in the Book Lane Reviews

“I was sneakily reading it whenever I got the chance, burning my toast I got so caught up in it.” — Goodreads reviewer Rk