Revolutionary (Clandestine Magic #3)

Can she save him from the dark magic that’s killing him?

Beatrix Harper knows now that she loves Omnimancer Peter Blackwell—the insidious Vows that ensnared them are gone. But if she can’t untangle the new enchantment trapping him in a coma, he’ll never wake again.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fate of women’s rights in her repressive country rests on her shoulders. Once blissfully anonymous, she’s now in the crosshairs of wizards willing to do anything—anything—to maintain the status quo.

Perhaps most dangerous of all is Beatrix’s former best friend, a powerful witch who nearly killed Peter. She’s out there somewhere. At any moment, she could strike again.

As resourceful as Beatrix is, that’s too many disasters to handle. How can she protect everyone and everything she cares about with wizards bearing down on her and a rogue witch closing in?

Want to know content details like sex, violence and tropes before you decide whether to read? Find that here. 

Praise for Revolutionary

“Clandestine Magic is the type of series that you think about long after you finish it, and Revolutionary is a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.” — One Book More 

“It feels more like I’m closing a chapter on my life, as though I’m saying goodbye to friends, and less like I’m simply closing a book. The trilogy is a highlight of my very bookish year.” — itsKoo Reviews

“The story had me on the figurative edge of my seat, unable to get even close to guessing what would happen next. . … The only bad thing about this book is that it had to end.” — Life in the Book Lane Reviews

“This novel was hard to put down, even for something as important as eating dinner.” — Bookshelf Adventures

“Colleen Cowley pulls the reader into an intense and magical story reflective of society as a whole.” — The Reading Cafe

“For me, this was a 5-perfect wrapped-up ending with a bow!” — Goodreads reviewer JB