Ellicott Mills

Subversive, like the rest of the Clandestine Magic trilogy, is primarily set in Ellicott Mills, Maryland. That’s based on a real place: Ellicott City, originally named “Ellicott’s Mills.” Its historic Main Street is a sight worth seeing.

Here’s how it looked in the 19th and 20th centuries, very much as I imagined Ellicott Mills appearing in the alternate-reality 21st century ruled by wizards. (All these photographs are from the Library of Congress; click the link in the captions for non-alternate-reality information about them.)

Ellicott Mills’ Main Street.

Ellicott Mills from the air.

The flour mill at the bottom of Main Street.

The train station.

Apartments north of Main Street.

Cedarlawn, Beatrix Harper’s home.

The long-neglected omnimancer’s mansion.