Subversive (Clandestine Magic #1)

In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women’s rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant.

Beatrix fears he wants to undermine the League. His real purpose is far more dangerous for them both.

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Praise for Subversive

“What a captivating story! … Readers who enjoy fantasy stories with strong female protagonists, magical powers, intriguing political plots, and a great love story will love Subversive.” — One Book More (named the novel among the “Top 10 Favorite Fantasy Reads of 2020“)

“A spectacular story of magic, politics, social classes, and the uncompromising need to do what you think is right.” — Bookshelf Adventures

“Reading Subversive was one of the best experiences I had all year. It felt like all my favorite genres … melded into one.” — itsKoo Reviews

“An exciting new series! … I found it hard to put the book down when real life came calling.” — Life in the Book Lane Reviews

“I read this book in a day.  I could NOT put it down.” — My Heart is Booked Blog

“The dynamics are complex and better executed than I’ve seen in many bestselling books.” — Ani Reads

“The story is quite captivating, with the right mix of twists, romance, intrigue & fantastical element. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read. Totally looking forward to the next book.” — The Book Reviewer