You quested valiantly. Here’s your reward.

Your careful attention to fairy tale detail deserves a prize.

Several, in fact.

And since it is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader in possession of books must be in want of a bookmark, I’ve made you some to celebrate your achievement. Plus a few images you can use to draw attention to your superior fairy tale expertise.

Download any or all of these:

⭐ Bookmarks with Into the Bargain quotes (option 1, option 2) and vibes

⭐ Bookmarks with fairy tale references (option 1, option 2)

⭐ For fans of the Clandestine Magic books that follow chronologically on the heels of Into the Bargain: an Ellicott Mills bookmark in the style of a chamber of commerce brochure, with a back scribbled on by several residents who have Views about a certain wizard, and a bookmark with quotes from the series

Social images for informing the world of your fairy-tale chops and/or daring friends and enemies to best you

A note about printing the bookmarks: Printers can vary, but for mine, getting the front and back of the bookmark faced the right way on the same page involved printing the front, then putting that page in face up — with the top to the front of the paper dispenser — before printing the back. A 100% scale produced a small bookmark; 125% produced a larger one.

Congratulations on a successful quest, you fairy tale boss, you!