Pentagram dossier: Peter Blackwell

Wizard Peter Blackwell worked for the Pentagram until just before Subversive begins. Here’s one of the classified documents his former employer has on him.

Image shows a silhouette of Peter Blackwell at the top beside his stylized name, little sparkles of magic extending from his right hand. Beneath that, a piece of paper clipped to a manilla envelope has these elements: A red "classified" stamp, a coffee stain and this text with information redacted with a black pen. "Name: Peter Blackwell. Prior position: Magicist, R&D. Rating: (wizard/typic)," with wizard circled. "Current status: After working on [information redacted] from [information redacted] to 2020, Blackwell resigned without warning. Two co-workers report evidence of stress. Check of banking accounts turned up no signs of unusual deposits. Gen. [information redacted] says his departure will delay [information redacted], possibly indefinitely. Action items: Monitor for contact with known subversives."

(Wondering why there’s a 2020 date but this looks like something out of the decades-ago past? Here’s why.)